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About the foundation

Our non-profit organization was created to help Veterans and First Responders rescue children of child trafficking and to hand those involved over to law enforcement.

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Donate and Support

Veteran Forces Foundation is dedicated to help veterans and first responders in their efforts to rescue children from the child trafficking industry and to return them to their homes as well as handing over those involved to law enforcement. With your Donations we will be able to provide the training and much needed resources for our veterans and first responders to work side by side to end Child Trafficking.

Contribute as a volunteer

Volunteers are a tremendous resource for our foundation. By giving your time to helping veterans you save lives.

22 Veterans a day commit suicide

More active U.S. soldiers die from suicide than combat



A child or teen is killed by a gun



A baby is born with a serious heart defect



A person dies from a cocaine overdose



A veteran commits suicide

Soldier talks about his struggle with depression and PTSD. How his struggle lead him to some destructive behavior and finally to seek the help he needed to cope with his emotions.

Foundation Overview

We’re fighting a war against child trafficking and we are losing. We need your help.


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